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Stitch Pink Block 29 - Twinkle Twinkle

Stitch Pink Block 29 - Twinkle Twinkle 

Block tip: This block has always been one of my favorites to make, and I won't pretend that the first one came out perfectly.  But with a few tips and tricks, the blocks have gotten much better. 

First, when working with these half-triangles, handle them carefully, taking care not to stretch the long edges.  Think of bias edges as cranky siblings.  We love them most of the time.  Except when they're being... cranky.

Moda's Blog post [read the entire cutting tips here]

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For more than twenty years, health organizations around the world have come together for the month of October to campaign for increased awareness of breast cancer.

Last year, we created Stitch Pink to help with that, in large part because the Moda family has been touched by breast cancer. While we reminded each other of the importance of mammograms and early detection and educated ourselves regarding risk factors, we did a little bit of stitching together.

This year, we want to do a little more.  So we're sharing a Sampler Quilt, one block each day for the month of October.  The whole month - thirty blocks, and then the Final Assembly on Saturday, October 31.

Finishing at 64" x 76", the quilt is made with thirty blocks that finish at 12" x 12". 

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